Albert is remembered on the war memorial at Northgate High School. Formerly Ipswich Grammar School for Boys.


Born: 30th January 1890, Walton, Suffolk.

Died: 5th November 1918; age: 28; at the Eastern Command Hospital, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Date of Entry Therein: 8th October 1915 – Egypt.


Commissioned – Second Lieutenant – 14th April 1917.


Rank: Second Lieutenant.

Regiment: Royal Defence Corps.

Formerly Suffolk Yeomanry (The Duke of York’s Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars), Private, 1621 and Corps of Hussars, Private, 305047.


Medals Awarded: Victory, British War & 1915 Star.


Grave Reference:

St. Peter & St. Paul Churchyard,






1891   1, Princes Road, Walton, Suffolk.


Albert was a year old and living with his parents, sisters and paternal aunt.

Henry Gort, 28, a Job Master – Livery – employer, born Trimley St. Martin, Suffolk.

Julia Anne Gort (nee Harrison), 28, born Aldershot, Hampshire.

Florence Daisy Gort, 4, born Walton.

Ethel May Gort, 3, born Walton.

Jessie Gort, 15, born Trimley St. Martin.


1901   1, Princes Road, Walton, Suffolk.


Albert was 10 years old and living with his parents & sisters.

Henry, 39, a Job Master – own account.

Julia, 40.

Florence, 14.

Ethel, 13.

Lucy Phillis Gort, 9, born Walton.

Gertrude Louisa Gort, 8, born Walton.

Lilian Emily Gort, 7, born Walton.

Rosa Dorothy Gort, 5, born Walton.

Elsie Violet Gort, 4, born Walton.


1911   1, Princes Road, Walton, Suffolk.


Albert was 21 years old, and Assisting in Business – at home. He was living with his parents & sisters.

Henry, 49, a Carting Contractor – employer – at home.

Julia, 50.

Gertie, 18.

Lily, 17.

Rosa, 15.

Elsie, 14.

Grace Vera Gort, 9, born Walton.


Albert was educated at Ipswich Grammar School for Boys entered 1897 – left Christmas 1905.


Albert served his Engineering Apprenticeship – machine and bench work and erecting shop work, from the age of 16, at the Locomotive Department, Metropolitan Railway, Neasden Works, Neasden, N.W. He served 2 years & 4 months – 2nd April 1906 – 2nd April 1909.

Residence: 20, Vicarage Villas, Neasden Lane, Neasden.

Technical Education:- Regent Street Polytechnic – 1906 – 1907, Engineering (Mechanical) Course, Mechanics (Applied), Machine Construction and Drawing, and I Geom., Drawing, Applied Mathematics II; 1907 – 1908, Machine Construction II, Electrical Engineering II, Applied Mathematics II: First Class Polytechnic Certificates; Machine Construction, Mechanics and Geometrical Drawing; Second Class Certificates; Board of Education, Practical Mathematics II, Machine Construction.


Albert’s medals were sent to his father, Henry Gort, of 1, Princes Road, Walton, Suffolk.


Probate to Henry Gort – contractor.


Soldiers’ Effects to Henry Gort Esq. – father.


Albert is also remembered on the war memorial at Felixstowe sea front.

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