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Born: 11th April 1920, Ipswich.

Died: 24th November 1941; age: 21; MPK torpedoed by the German submarine U-124

Residence: 45, Beck Street, Ipswich.

Occupation: a Chair Store Labourer.


Rank: Marine; Service Number: PO/X 4567.

Regiment: Royal Marines, H.M.S. ‘Dunedin.’


Memorial Reference:

Panel 59, Column 1.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Albert William & Constance Victoria King, of Ipswich.


Father: Albert William King.

Mother: Constance Victoria King (nee Green), born September 1896, Ipswich.



Albert was a Chair Store Labourer. He was living with his mother & siblings at their family home – 45, Beck Street, Ipswich.

Constance, unpaid Domestic Duties.

Rose A. King, a Lingerie Machinist, born October 1922, Ipswich.

Brian L. King, born 1932, Ipswich.

H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’.

H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’.

On 24 November 1941 HMS Dunedin was operating out of Freetown, South Africa, engaged in a search for a possible German raider in disguise. Her lookout spotted a mast that suddenly disappeared and she deviated from her course to investigate. He may well have spotted a periscope.
At 1526 hours, two torpedoes from the German submarine U-124 hit her and she sank rapidly. Only four officers and 63 men survived out of the Dunedin’s crew of 486 officers and men.
Lieutenant-Commander Watson was the senior surviving officer and he was to provide the first comprehensive report of the sinking and the survivors. The lifeboats were destroyed in the torpedo explosions so there were only very basic rafts and a ‘flottanet’ available to those who managed to get off the ship before she sank.

A family note

This is my uncle who I sadly never got to meet . He served as a marine on HMS Dunedin. There is a very good book written about the ship called Blood in the Sea. My uncle was the marine who had his appendix out on board the ship. The ship was torpedoed and sunk in 1941. 


A second Ipswich man was killed onboard the ship, William David Smith

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