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Born: 8th January 1919, Rawalpindi, India.

Died: 9th July 1941; age 22; aircraft shot down near to the Dutch town of Nijmegen, Netherlands.


Rank: Flight Sergeant/Wireless Operator/Air Gunner; Service Number: 535641.

Regiment: Royal Air Force, 35 Squadron.


Grave Reference:


Uden War Cemetery,




Father: Albert Edward Hammond, born 1882, Brighton, East Sussex – a Sergeant Major – Yorkshire Regiment.

Mother: Bessie Hammond (nee Bailey), born 1884, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

  Original cross.

Newspaper article “missing”1941

FAMILY NOTE from Vince – My father Walter Percy Hammond was Albert’s young brother who was born on 4th July 1930 and died on 29th April 2000 . He was a despatch rider and based at RAF Stranraer.


9th July 1941

Aircraft: Halifax Mkl; serial number: L9521; Code: TL-Z; Operation: Merseburg – detailed to attack the Synthetic Oil refinery at Leuna, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The aircraft took-off at 22:33hrs from Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire. On the return journey at 03:35hrs it was shot down by a night fighter of the Luftwaffe. Crew member Archie Kiddey later recalled “there was a tremendous explosion and the whole of the aeroplane was in flames behind me. And the pilot said , ‘Out you go ‘ and four of us managed to bale out.” The aircraft crashed into the home of the Arts family at Rifksweg 187 te Mook, Netherlands, killing 4 people.


Three members of the seven man crew were killed:

Noel Eric Henry Coleman; Sergeant/Air Gunner; age 32; R.A.F.V.R.

Thomas Arthur Parkes; Sergeant/Flight Engineer; age 24; R.A.F.

On the 19th June 1946, the remains of Albert Hammond, Noel Coleman & Thomas Parkes were exhumed, identified and re-interred at Uden War Cemetery, Noord-Brabant.

Four crew men survived the crash and were taken as PoW’s by the Germans:

Image courtesy of Mr.John Leonard.

Lionel William Bovington D.F.M.; Pilot; R.A.F.

Archie R. Kiddey; 2nd Pilot; R.A.F.

Henry Septimus Bradbeer; Air Gunner; R.A.F. –  was hospitalised immediately after being captured, his leg was amputated.

George Donald Barry; Flight Sergeant/Observer; R.A.F. – died from wounds received on the 25th April 1945, at the village of Gresse, on the “Long March” when strafed by a flight of low flying Typhoons of the R.A.F. He was 27 years old. He was buried at Diepholz Cemetery, Germany. On the 7th June 1947, George’s remains were exhumed and re-buried at Hanover War Cemetery, Lower Saxony, Germany.


The victory of L9521 was claimed by Lt. August Geiger, a night fighter ace, who claimed 53 aerial victories. He was shot down on the 29th September 1943 by John Randall Daniel “Bob” Braham (of No. 141 Squadron R.A.F.) in a Beaufighter VI over Zuiderzee, Netherlands. August bailed out of his Messerschmitt Bf-110, but was drowned when his parachute dragged him under. He  was 23 years old.


  • So satisying to learnt about my Great, Great Uncles life, a life of hero cut way too short.

  • Hi this was my late uncle Albert, brother of Walter percy Hammond, my father.

  • Hi, i have learned about the planecrash in Mook due to a search for ancesters in my family tree.

    The people who lived and where present in the house when the plane hit (on Rijksweg 187 in Mook, near Nijmegen) where related to my direct family, the people who died/got injured in the house were, Maria Chrisina Arts-Spijkerbos, (her husband, Theodorus Arts, was not reported amoung the dead) their daugther, Theodora Hendrika Arts, with her Husband, Mathias Bartels and there 3 Y/O daughter Maria Agatha bartels.
    Mathias Bartels was the son of the Agtha Bartels-Hendriks and Mathijs Bartels and she (Agatha) was the sister of MY great-grand father, Gerardus Hendriks.

    Mathias, Theodora and Maria lived in Eindhoven (at St. Trudostreet no.3) at the time the 2nd WW started and the reason for them being in Mook with Theodora’s parents is not known by me, other then a family visit.

    It was surprising to find this “discovery” and it is of course sad that so many people died in the event, because also 3 airmen lost there lives and the other 4 where captured bij the Germans.

    But i’m happy that i got to know of this event, because it is a part of my legacy and i hope to find out some more info if i can. I have contacted the people who live in the house that was hit by the crash and i have got an email of theson of a woman who still lives there at 187 Rijksweg in Mook. they said that they found some plane parts when they where digging a hole to bury the family dog. they do not have a picture of the crash.

    Marco hendriks
    Eindhoven-the Netherlands

    • hello Marco
      i have just come across the site.
      my grandad, Lionel Bovington, was the pilot of the aircraft that crashed on to the house after being shot down.
      am sorry to hear about those members of the family who died in the house due to the crash.
      i know my grandad would never have wanted any innocent people to have been killed.
      best regards
      John Leonard

  • I was the french penfriend of Margaret Bovington , Lionel Bovingtons’daugther, she told me the story of his father.
    They were very welcoming people, and cheerful despite the paintfulepidod of the war
    I keep an excellent memoryof my stay un Brighouse and a moved thought for the deceased

    • Hello Daniele
      my mum is margaret bovington, she is now called margaret leonard.
      my grandad was Lionel bovington, the pilot of the plane.

      • Hello I am Albert Edward Hammonds nephew . My father Walter percy Hammond was his younger brother who both lived in cleethorpes. I find this information so
        interesting, thank you


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