Dudley is not remembered on any  known memorial, due to family circumstances his name was not added to the Christchurch Memorial. 


Born: 1914, district of Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Died: 2nd June 1940; age: 26; Medway, Kent – while being evacuated from Dunkirk.

Landed in France On 7 October 1939.

Wounded in France and evacuated to England, Medway Hospital.

Rank: Gunner; Service number: 818135.

Regiment: Royal Artillery. Battalion:157 Bty. 53 Lt. A.A. Regt.


Grave Reference:

Sec. X.J. Div. 5. Grave 247

Ipswich Old Cemetery



Father: William Robert Moss, 1889, Clopton, Suffolk.

Mother: Daisy Alice (nee Mayhew), born 1889, Ufford – died 1935, Ipswich.


In 1939, Ipswich, Dudley married Yvonne Adele Fuller, born November 1917, Ipswich.

They had 1 daughter.


A family note:

“I must explain, that the reason that my cousin and I have got so concerned at this time, is that the Ipswich Star recently printed a supplement called ‘Suffolk Roll of Honour 1939-1945’, which purported to list the names of all the fallen.  We looked in vain for my Uncle’s name.  As you say, some names were put on village memorials, and knowing so little about him, we thought that that might have been the case. However, if it was, we would have expected to find him somewhere on the list.”

 “It seems awful, but we know so little about him.  He had only been married to my Aunt for about a year, when he was killed.  As she was already expecting my cousin, and had consequently been thrown out of her home by my Grandparents, they were married by special licence.  My parents only met him a few times, as he was called up at the beginning of the war, as he was a reservist.  My Aunt never spoke of him after he died, and she never re-married.  He was the love of her life.

“The details that we do know, are that his name was Dudley Eric Moss.  He died on 2nd June 1940, from wounds that he received while being evacuated from Dunkirk, when the boat that he was on was strafed  by a German plane.  He died in England in his wife’s arms.  I don’t know where.”

Christine Reeve (2015)




 Family Census: 

Dudley Eric Moss was born 1914 and is registered in
the district of Woodbridge. Death registered in the district of Medway,

Parents: WILLIAM ROBERT MOSS & DAISY ALICE MAYHEW they were married in
1914 in the district of Plomesgate.

William Robert Moss was born 1889, Clopton & died 1968, Ipswich. He was
the eldest child of Robert Moss born Clopton, a Horseman on a Farm &
Jane Priscilla Moss (nee Dunnett) born Otley and appears on the census:
In 1891 at Clopton Green.
In 1901 at Clopton Green with 2 sisters & 1 brother.
In 1911 at Clopton Green with 2 sisters & 2 brothers, Robert was a
Horseman on a Farm too.

Daisy Alice Mayhew was born 1889, Ufford & died 1935, Ipswich. She was
the illegitimate daughter of Lucy Ann Mayhew born Pettistree. Lucy
married in 1891 to Charles Davis, born Ufford and a Bricklayer. Daisy
appears on the census:
In 1891 at Lower Street, Ufford, with her mother Lucy (aged 23). At the
home of her grandparents, Henry a Farmer & employer & Susan, both born
Sibton. Plus Daisy’s 2 uncles & 1 aunt.
In 1901 at East Lane, Ufford (Daisy’s surname is now Davis & is recorded
as daughter) with her parents & 2 sisters.
In 1911 at ‘Hazlemere’ Bank Road, Ipswich, Daisy (Davis) was a General
Domestic Servant at the family home of Arthur Sadler Leighton, a
Solicitor & employer.

YVONNE ADELE FULLER was born 5th November 1917, Ipswich & died 27th May
2000, Ipswich. Married Dudley, 1939, Ipswich.

Parents: ROBERT JAMES FULLER & MARGARET JAMES they were married in 1915,

Robert James Fuller was born 22nd June 1892, Ipswich & died June 1975,
In 1901 at 43, Station Street, Stoke, Ipswich with his widowed mother
Elizabeth Fuller (nee Baker), a Laundress – own account, born Saxmundham
& 1 brother & 1 sister + 1 boarder.
In 1911 at the Royal Marine Depot, Walmer, Kent. Robert was 17, a
Private in the Royal Marines.

His father was Arthur Henry Fuller, a Painter, born 1856 Ipswich & died
1894, Ipswich.

Margaret James was born 1893, Chelsea. She was the daughter of Thomas
Edwin James, born Bow, London & Margaret Annie James (nee Fordham).
In 1901 at 27 & 29, St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich with her 3 sisters & 1
brother at the home of their maternal grandmother, (a Housekeeper) Annie
Fordham, born Pembroke, South Wales.
In 1901 Margaret’s parents Thomas & Margaret were at 25, Queen’s Street,
Ipswich – a restaurant which they owned and were employers.

Can not see Margaret in 1911 she is not with either of her parents (her
father back in London in the Ham & Beef trade & her mother in Waterworks
Street, Ipswich as a Sick Nurse + Annie Fordham) Her sisters are all
domestic servants. I can not find a definite date of death for Margaret.





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