231 Battery R.A.

Can you identify these people on the photograph? 

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Officers of 231 Battery. 67 Medium,

Back row:

1.Second Lieutenant Charles Hubert Edward Simpson. Gun Position Officer (GPO) A Troop. Missing, Cyrenaica 20/06/1942. 1943 P.O.W. Camp number 49, Reggio Nell Emilia, postal mark number 3200

2. Second Lieutenant Gordon Hamilton Eve, (Nicknamed ‘Parson Eaves’). Missing, Cyrenaica 20/06/1942. 30/04/1945 Prisoner of War in German Hands (Germany)

3. Second Lieutenant Douglas Edward T Argent GPO B Troop. Missing, 20/06/1942, Cyrenaica 1943 P.O.W. Camp number 21, Chieti Old Convent, postal mark number 3300 (Italy)

4. Second Lieutenant K.A. Lowe. (Nicknamed ‘Laddie)



7. Lieutenant George? King

8. Lieutenant Peter Lilly, Duty Subaltern A Troop

Front row:

1.  Captain W. B. Paxton, Troop Commander B Troop, French Interpreter (2nd Class)

2. Captain Thomas Henry Wale, Battery Captain Missing, 20/06/1942. Prisoner of War (died on 18th November 1945 aged 46 years and is buried at St Edmunds Church Southwold)

3. Major H. R. Brewster, Battery Commander. Missing, Cyrenaica 20/06/1942. 1943 P.O.W.

4. Captain C.H. Wright, Troop Commander A Troop. 30/05/1942 Wounded. Middle East – Western Desert


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