William is not remembered on the war memorial at Christchurch Park.

Image and information courtesy of Jim Gill


Born: 1879, Ipswich.

Died: 21st August 1917; age: 38; KiA.

Residence: Colchester, Essex.


Rank: Second Lieutenant.

Regiment: Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Regiment, 2/1st Buckinghamshire Battalion – Territorial.


Grave Reference:


New Irish Farm Cemetery,




Relatives Notified and Address: Son of William & Elizabeth Gill, of Colchester; husband of Jessie Gill, of 202, Maldon Road, Colchester, Essex.




1891   ‘Maldune’ Maldon Road, St. Mary at the Walls, Colchester, Essex.


William was 11 years old and living with his parents and sisters.

William Gill, 37, a Photographer & Artist – employer, born Islington, London.

Elizabeth Charlotte Gill (nee Rey), 36, born King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Elizabeth Nora Gill, 10, born Ipswich.

Enid Gill, 4, born Colchester – died 1897, Colchester.

1 general domestic servant.


1901   160, Maldon Road, St. Mary at the Walls, Colchester, Essex.


William was 21 years old, a Photographer. He was living with his parents and siblings.

William, 47, a Photographer.

Elizabeth, 45.

Elizabeth, 20, a Photographer.

Muriel Gill, 9, born Colchester.

Beryl Gill, 6, born Colchester.

Alan Gill, 3, born Colchester.

1 general domestic servant.

Postcard.The proclamation of the accession of King George V of the United Kingdom in Colchester, 1911, showing mayor and corporation. The shop on the left was run by William Gill snr (photo believed to be taken by W.Gill snr).

1911   41, Harsnett Road, Colchester, Essex.


William was 31 years old, a Photographer. He was married and Head of the Household.

Jessie, 29.

1 visitor.


On the 5th April 1909, William arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, he was 29 years & 4 months old, and a photographer. He could read & write. He had sailed from the Port of Liverpool on board the S.S.’ Friesland.’ His next of kin: Mr. W. Gill, of 142, Maldon Road, Colchester, Essex.


William’s father, William Gill died February 1912, at Portland House, 15, Fitzroy Square, London. Probate to William Rey Gill


In 1906, Camberwell, London, William married Jessie Riviere, born 1881, Lambeth, London.


Probate to Jessie Gill – widow.


Soldiers’ Effects to Jessie Gill – widow.


New Church Life 1917 magazine:

‘The loss of Mr. Rey Gill, who was killed in action on August 21st [1917], will be keenly felt by the organisation of the General Church in England. He will chiefly be remembered in the Church as an earnest student of the Writings and as an original thinker. During his service at the front he participated in numerous raids and encounters, and eventually fell at the head of his men in one of those minor engagements, which, lacking a local name, are yet the essential and daily part of a war of attrition. Few, prior to the actual test, would have credited him with military ability, but it is known from the testimony of his superiors that he showed coolness, bravery, and leadership in times of need, and his bearing and resource had won words of commendation from his chiefs.’

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