Born: 16th September 1922, Bucklesham, Suffolk.

Died: 24th November 1941; age: 19; MPK.

Rank: Telegraphist; Service Number: C/JX 157072.

Regiment: Royal Navy, H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’




Memorial Reference:


Chatham Naval Memorial,




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Thomas & Alice M.M. Smith, of Ipswich.


Father: Thomas Smith.

Mother: Alice Maud Mary Smith (nee Dickerson), born 1892, Bucklesham, Suffolk.


William is also remembered on the war memorial at St. Augustine of Hippo Church, Ipswich.


24th November 1941 – H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’


H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’ was a Danae-class light cruiser on the Royal Navy. She was built by Armstrong, Whitworth & Co. Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Laid down 5th November 1917. Launched 19th November 1918. Commissioned 13th September 1919. On the 24th November 1941, (Captain R.S. Lovatt, R.N.) whilst on a decrypted Enigma inspired operation to track down the German armed merchant raider Atlantis and the supply ship Python operating in the South Atlantic. H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’ spotted a mast that suddenly disappeared, it may have been a periscope. She deviated her course to investigate. at 15.26hrs two torpedoes from the German submarine U-124 hit her and she quickly sank. 4 Officers and 63 men survived from a crew of 486. The survivors drifted for 4 days and 3 nights, some died from their injuries from the torpedo attack, others became hysterical and delusional, some drowned, and some were taken by sharks.

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