Merchant Navy Memorial. Ipswich Waterfront, Orwell Quay.

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Merchant Navy Memorial Ipswich Waterfront 

Orwell Quay (James Hehir building)

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Merchant Navy / Mercantile Marine.  Both services suffered heavy losses from German u-boat attacks, enemy ships and under water mines. U-boats sank 7,759,090 tons, with the loss of 14,660+ merchant seafarers 2,479 British merchant vessels and 675 British fishing vessels were lost. The sea trade was important to the war effort supplying food and materials as well as arms around the globe.

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30,248 merchant seamen lost their lives, a death rate that was higher proportionately than in any of the armed forces.

Unveiled in 2014 with money raised (£13,000) by the Ipswich branch of the Merchant Navy Association (MNA). An annual service is held for Merchant Navy day.

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